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Big Big Update!!

Hello everyone!

Garrett here, wishing you good health. I wanted to drop a quick line to all of my fans with some very exciting news about my North Broadway project!

I am very pleased to share that after many years and many, many revisions, the script is finally complete! 160 pages of untold Angeleno history, generational struggle, and triumph in the face of incredible odds. It has been a dream of mine to finally get to this stage of the process, and I cannot wait to see the project reach completion.

I am now looking for exciting, ambitious, and talented people, such as you! Do you act, sing, or dance? Do you have any experience on a film set, or a passion for making big visions come to life? We would love to bring you on board! Please get in touch with us at,

Drop a line about your background, and any prior experience. Hope to hear from you soon!

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